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Upcoming concert dates:

March 2023:

     XXVI New Music Miami, ISCM Festival

     Timucua Arts Foundation-Orlando

September, 2023-Texas Tour:

     University of Texas at Austin

     Southwestern University

     Austin Community College

     Austin Guitar Society


Dieter Hennings-guitar and Paul Vaillancourt-percussion, have performed all over the U.S. and Mexico as founding members of the contemporary music ensemble, ZOHN COLLECTIVE. With a common affinity and interest for the music of our time and by living composers, they seek out and program rarely performed pieces and commission new works for this exciting instrumental pairing.

They recently recorded Juan Trigos' major new work Ricercare VII (2020), gave the premiere of Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon's Destiladera III  (2021) as well as the U.S. premiere of Le fil d'Arianne (1988), by Canadian composer Brian Cherney. They have also premiered los sonidos que vienen después (2022)  by Orlando Jacinto Garcia at the XXVI New Music Miami ISCM Festival.

The duo also collaborated with pianist Daniel Pesca from the Zohn Collective, premiering and recording Notre Dame faculty composer Dr. John Liberatore's epic new work for piano, guitar and percussion entitled Catch Somewhere (2021) which will be released later this year.

Individual Bios:

Dieter Hennings

Paul Vaillancourt

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