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Production values are high, with sound that is vivid and detailed. Paul Vaillancourt, an active performer in his own right with an impressive résumé, plays in the ensemble for two of the works, and is soloist in the Cherney piece. The happy news is that I cannot determine from listening who is teacher and who is student, as all of the artists appearing on this release are superb. Clearly CSU and Vaillancourt have a percussion program of which they can be proud. With such talent, and a program of innovative and appealing music, this is a release that any fancier of percussion music will want to explore.



Schwob Percussion is directed by Schwob School of Music faculty artist, Paul Vaillancourt and can be heard on Naxos, Albany Records,  John Zorn’s TZADIK label, and KOTEKAN Records.


An upcoming disc features premieres of works by Pulitzer Prize winning composer Wayne Peterson, Grammy Award winner Sergio Assad, Princeton University's Dan Trueman, San Jose State University's Fred Cohen, and University of Colorado's James David.


Collaborations with the Columbus Ballet, Coca-Cola Space Science Center's Music Under The Dome, Georgia Music Educator's Association Conference, CSU Department of Art, Spivey Hall's Young Persons' Concert Series, and faculty soloists and university chorale on works such as Stravinsky's Les noces and Antheil's Ballet mécanique have garnered praise for the ensemble's subtlety, precision, and remarkable communication. 

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